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Placing Advertisements with Bidvertiser


What is Bidvertiser?

BidVertiser is a cost-per-click advertising program that utilized a bidding system to allow users of the Internet, small business owners or generic business entities to advertise text ads on websites of their choice. As a result of this feature, BidVertiser is an advertising program that allows the user to fully customize on what sites they want their text ads to appear.

The BidVertiser program allows the user to create their own personable or customized text ad, while choosing the specific categories to advertise on, setting the maximum price-per-click they are willing to pay and the advertisements will instantly start appearing on websites.

How much does the Program Cost?

BidVertiser, similar to other online advertising programs (such as Google AdWords) is a cost-per-click bidding system. This structure simply means that the user of the program will only pay for visitors that actually click on the respective advertisements.

By utilizing BidVertiser’s bidding-based advertisement serving system, the client can choose the maximum price-per-click they are willing to pay for each of the categories they have chosen to advertise on. When the system is customized to fit the client’s (company looking to increase their exposure online) needs, BidVertiser will automatically adjust the client’s cost-per-click to slightly above 1 cent above the next closes competitor. As a result of this pricing model, BidVertiser offers their clients the best price available in relation to the client’s traffic ranking or statistics.

If I utilize BidVertiser, where will my Advertisements Appear?

When utilizing BidVertiser, the client chooses the categories to place their advertisements; this customized ability, allows a client to advertise within niche markets, such as sports, fashion, politics etc. In addition to this customizable quality, BidVertiser will create the advertisements for the user.

The BidVertisers text ads will consist of a title and two lines of description; this style allows the user to create their advertisements in a matter of seconds. In addition to this simplified format, BidVertiser will guide the client through the creation process and will provide tutorials that will enable the client to effectively advertise their particular goods or services.

Once the client purchases a BidVertiser account and has subsequently created text ads, chosen the sites that they would like to advertise on as well as set the maximum price that the clients are willing to pay for each click, the advertisements will start being displayed within minutes.

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