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The Many Varieties of Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a form of promotion that utilizes electronic or digital mediums, such as the Television or Internet, for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages as to attract new customers. A major benefit of digital advertising is the immediate publishing of information and content that is not restrained by geography or time; additionally, digital advertising allows a user to interact with the message either through enhanced visuals or elaborate promotions.

Dissimilar to physical or traditional advertising techniques, a digital advertising company will utilize a distinct medium--such as the television, radio or Internet-- to attract new customers. By utilizing these forms of technology, the advertisements can take a more creative or elaborate form.

For instance, television commercials utilize a number of different advertising strategies, concepts, color schemes, visuals and music overlay to attract new customers to a new product or service. Regardless of the medium, all forms of digital advertising aim to accomplish one thing: attract new customers to a product or service. To achieve this goal, digital advertising mediums will either create a commercial or advertisement to make a product or service memorable or will flood a particular medium with multiple advertisements to effectively attract as many consumers as possible.

Types of Digital Advertising Techniques:

Television Advertising: The television commercial is typically considered the most effective form of mass-marketing digital advertising format, as reflected by the enormous prices television networks charge for commercial airtime during popular broadcasts, such as the Super Bowl. The majority of television commercials attract consumers by featuring a song or jingle that listeners soon relate to the product.

The premise behind television advertising is to make the advertised good or service memorable to the viewing audience. To accomplish this, this medium for digital advertising will often include computer graphics, obscene situations, celebrity spokespeople, creative dialogue or catchy jingles.

Radio Advertising: This form of digital advertising is used via the medium of radio. Radio advertisements are broadcasted as radio waves to the airspace from a transmitter to an antenna, which is directly linked to the listener’s receiving device.

Radio advertisements are profitable forms of digital advertising for the respective station and holding company; airtime is purchased from the station or network in exchange for airing the underlying company’s commercials. Although radio advertisements have the obvious limitation of being restricted to just sound, proponents of this medium of advertising cite this as a distinct advantage. Additionally, radio advertising, depending on the particular airtime purchased, is significantly cheaper than television commercials.

Online or Internet Advertising: Internet advertising is a form of digital advertising, which uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering a product, message, or service to attract new consumers. There are number of forms of Internet advertising, including: social network advertising, advertising networks, e-mail advertisings, banner advertisements, search engine result pages and various promotions established between Internet companies.

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