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What Is An Interactive Advertising Agency?

Interactive Advertising Agency

What is an Advertising Agency?

Advertising agencies are companies that provide marketing and advertising needs for other organizations or companies. Advertising agencies offer a number of advertising services and advice based on popular culture, advanced market studies and complex sales techniques.

These advertising services are customized and subsequently attached to the particular business model or company who hires the advertising agency. All advertising agencies are independent from the client (hiring) company; as a result of this relationship, advertising agencies have the ability to be objective concerning the client’s promotional needs.

Advertising agencies perform a number of client-specific roles; they produce corporate logos, create effective and attractive color schemes to attract a consumer’s attention and create commercials or online-based advertisements to draw attention to the client’s specific product or service. The primary goal of all advertising agencies and the primary reason why they are incorporated into a company’s business model is to increase the exposure of an entity’s product or service. To achieve this goal, advertising agencies will prepare brochures and slogans, as well as construct copy or publications for sales materials.

What is an Interactive Advertising Agency?

An interactive agency is different from a typical advertising agency because they offer a mix of web design or development features, search engine marketing tools, e-business consulting techniques and generic internet advertising or marketing practices. In essence, an interactive advertising agency is a conglomerate of multiple practices and mediums.

Interactive agencies became popular before the traditional advertising companies embraced the power of Internet marketing or advertising. Because an interactive advertising agency offers a wide range of services, some of the notable companies grew rapidly, while others downsized due to fluctuating market trends. In present day, the most successful interactive advertising agencies are defined as those companies that provide a specialized advertising and marketing service for the digital space.

This space is defined as any multimedia-enabled electronic channel where an advertiser’s message can be seen or heard from. In a more specific sense, the interactive space translates to the Inernet and portably lifestyle devices such as Ipods, mobile phones, CD-ROMs or DVDs.

An interactive advertising agency will function like a traditional advertising company; that being said, the interactive advertising agency will focus solely on the multitude of interactive advertising services. The generic model will deliver the following services to their respective clients: develop strategy, design, video, development, creative works, programming, deployment, management and fulfillment reporting.

In most instances, an interactive agency will provide digital lead generation, interactive marketing, communications strategy, rich media campaigns, interactive video broad experiences, web design and development, e-learning tools, search engine marketing and optimization services, PPC campaign management, content management services, data mining, ROI assessment, web application development and digital lead generation.

Interactive advertising agencies have recently become more popular as a result of the creation of social networks and community-driven sites. The development of sites such as YouTube and Facebook have sparked a specific market interest, as some interactive advertising agencies have started offering personalized and corporate community site development offerings.

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